DJ Mustard Net Worth and Bio

DJ Mustard, born Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, has seasoned the music industry with his distinctive beats, producing hits for some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B. He has created a signature sound that has become synonymous with the West Coast, earning him a place among the greats. This day, we’ll explore the life of DJ Mustard, from his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise in the music industry and his current net worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 5, 1990
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Gender: Male
Profession: Record Producer, Disc Jockey

DJ Mustard Early Life

DJ Mustard was born on June 5, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Raised in a close-knit family, he grew up in a neighborhood that exposed him to the realities of street life. However, it was his love for music that would ultimately define his future. From a young age, DJ Mustard was captivated by the sounds that emanated from his city, particularly the West Coast hip-hop that dominated the airwaves in the 1990s. Inspired by the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac, he set his sights on a career in music.

As a teenager, DJ Mustard began experimenting with music production. His cousin, an aspiring rapper named YG, quickly recognized his talent and became one of his earliest collaborators. The duo spent countless hours honing their skills, laying the groundwork for what would become a long-lasting partnership. With his intuitive understanding of the West Coast sound and his natural ability to create infectious beats, DJ Mustard quickly gained a reputation as a producer to watch.

DJ Mustard Personal Life

DJ Mustard’s personal life has been relatively private, considering his celebrity status. He has managed to maintain a low profile outside of his music career, focusing on his family and close relationships. DJ Mustard is a devoted father to his three children, who he shares with his long-time partner, Chanel Thierry. The couple got engaged in October 2018, showcasing their strong bond and commitment to each other.

Mustard has often expressed his gratitude and love for his family, emphasizing the importance of keeping them grounded amidst the chaos of fame. His strong family values have shaped his character and have been a driving force behind his desire to give back to his community.

DJ Mustard Career

DJ Mustard’s career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a keen ear for hit-making. Over the years, he has continued to refine his production skills, staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the ever-evolving world of music. His ability to identify and incorporate emerging trends while staying true to his West Coast roots has made him a highly sought-after producer.

Beyond working with established artists, DJ Mustard has also made it his mission to nurture emerging talent. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of up-and-coming artists such as RJ, Choice, and the aforementioned Ella Mai. His dedication to developing new acts demonstrates his passion for music and his desire to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

DJ Mustard’s career has seen numerous milestones, including his debut studio album, “10 Summers,” released in 2014. The album, which featured collaborations with several notable artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and YG, was met with positive reviews and further solidified Mustard’s status as a heavyweight in the music industry.

In addition to his success as a producer, DJ Mustard has also made strides as a DJ, performing at major music festivals and events around the world. He has used his platform to showcase his versatility as an artist, spinning eclectic sets that showcase his deep love and understanding of music.

DJ Mustard Net Worth

DJ Mustard’s unique sound has helped him amass a fortune, with a current estimated net worth of $12 million. His wealth is a testament to his relentless work ethic and his incredible ability to create hit after hit. From producing chart-topping singles for artists like Tyga, Kid Ink, and YG to crafting entire albums for the likes of Rihanna and Big Sean, DJ Mustard’s influence is undeniable.

One of his most significant breakthroughs came in 2011 when he produced Tyga’s “Rack City,” a song that peaked at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100. This success marked the beginning of DJ Mustard’s meteoric rise. His distinctive sound, characterized by minimalist beats and the now-iconic “Mustard on the beat, hoe” tagline, quickly caught the attention of artists and fans alike.

Over the years, DJ Mustard has produced hits for a long list of A-list artists, including Chris Brown, Travis Scott, and Migos. His prolific output has not only earned him critical acclaim and commercial success but has also garnered him numerous awards, including multiple Grammy nominations and BMI awards.

Aside from music production, DJ Mustard has also successfully ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. In 2014, he founded his record label, 10 Summers Records, which has since become a launchpad for emerging talent. His keen eye for discovering new artists has led to the signing of promising acts such as Ella Mai, whose debut album produced by DJ Mustard earned her a Grammy award for Best R&B Album.

Furthermore, DJ Mustard has leveraged his fame and fortune to give back to his community. In 2017, he launched the 10 Summers Foundation, a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting underprivileged youth in Los Angeles. Through various initiatives, including music workshops, scholarships, and mentorship programs, DJ Mustard has made it his mission to uplift and empower the next generation of artists.

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