Geena Davis Net Worth and Bio

There’s no denying the charm and talent of Geena Davis, the versatile actress, producer, and women’s rights activist who has graced our screens for decades. From her iconic roles in “Thelma & Louise” and “A League of Their Own” to her work as the founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, her impact in Hollywood and beyond is undeniable. We’ll explore Geena’s early life, career, and net worth, revealing what makes her such an enduring figure in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 21, 1956
Place of Birth: Wareham, Massachusetts
Gender: Female
Profession: Model, Actor, Writer, Athlete, Television Producer, Film Producer

Geena Davis Early Life

Born Virginia Elizabeth “Geena” Davis on January 21, 1956, in Wareham, Massachusetts, Geena grew up in a household that prioritized education and ambition. Her father, William F. Davis, was a civil engineer, and her mother, Lucille Cook, was a teacher’s assistant. Geena was an exceptional student, a member of the National Honor Society, and excelled in music, playing the flute and piano.

After high school, Geena attended New England College, where she studied drama. Her love for acting eventually took her to Boston University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in drama. After graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue her acting career, working as a model to support herself. Geena’s big break came when she was cast in the 1982 film “Tootsie,” which opened doors to a myriad of opportunities in the world of film and television.

Geena Davis Personal Life

Geena Davis has been married four times. Her first marriage was to restaurateur Richard Emmolo in 1982, but the couple divorced a year later. She then married actor Jeff Goldblum in 1987, whom she met on the set of “Transylvania 6-5000” (1985). Their marriage lasted until 1990, and they co-starred in “Earth Girls Are Easy” (1989) and “The Fly” (1986) during their time together.

In 1993, Geena married director Renny Harlin, who directed her in “Cutthroat Island” (1995), but they divorced in 1998. Geena’s current husband is Reza Jarrahy, a plastic surgeon, whom she married in 2001. Together, they have three children: a daughter, Alizeh, and twin sons, Kian and Kaiis.

Geena Davis Career

Geena Davis’s career has been marked by her ability to take on diverse roles, proving her versatility as an actress. In the 1990s and early 2000s, she continued to captivate audiences with her performances in films like “Speechless” (1994), “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996), and “Hero” (1992). Geena also lent her voice to animated films, such as “Stuart Little” (1999) and its sequels, where she voiced Mrs. Little, the adoptive mother of the titular character.

On the small screen, Geena’s television roles have been just as impressive as her film career. In 2000, she starred in the short-lived sitcom “The Geena Davis Show,” playing a career woman adjusting to life with a new family. In 2005, she took on the role of the first female president of the United States in the critically acclaimed drama series “Commander in Chief.” Her portrayal of President Mackenzie Allen earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama.

Geena has also appeared in guest roles on popular television series such as “Will & Grace” (2004) and “Grey’s Anatomy” (2018), where she played Dr. Nicole Herman, a brilliant fetal surgeon.

In addition to acting, Geena has tried her hand at producing, working behind the scenes on films like “Cutthroat Island” (1995) and “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996). In recent years, she has stepped into the world of documentary filmmaking, executive producing the documentary “This Changes Everything” (2018), which explores gender inequality in Hollywood.

Geena Davis Net Worth

With a career spanning over four decades, Geena Davis has accumulated a net worth of approximately $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her wealth is the result of her work as an actress, producer, and model, as well as her various endorsements and appearances. However, her contribution to the entertainment industry goes far beyond just her financial success.

Geena’s acting career took off in the 1980s, with memorable roles in films like “Beetlejuice” (1988), “The Accidental Tourist” (1988), and “Earth Girls Are Easy” (1989). Her performance in “The Accidental Tourist” earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, solidifying her place among Hollywood’s elite.

In the early 1990s, Geena continued to make waves in the industry with her portrayal of Thelma Dickinson in “Thelma & Louise” (1991), a role that garnered her a Best Actress nomination at the Oscars. The film became a cultural phenomenon, and its impact on women’s empowerment and friendship is still celebrated today. Another iconic role came with “A League of Their Own” (1992), where Geena played Dottie Hinson, the star player of the Rockford Peaches, an all-female baseball team during World War II. This film not only showcased her acting prowess but also her athletic abilities.

Geena’s career has continued to flourish over the years, with roles in films such as “Stuart Little” (1999), “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996), and “Cutthroat Island” (1995). She has also made her mark on television, starring in shows like “Commander in Chief” (2005-2006), for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress, and “Grey’s Anatomy” (2018).

In addition to her acting career, Geena has been an advocate for gender equality in the media. In 2004, she founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving gender representation in the entertainment industry, particularly for children’s content.

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