Ken Schrader Net Worth and Bio

When it comes to American racing legends, Ken Schrader is a name that often comes to mind. Born on May 29, 1955, Schrader has been racing cars for most of his life, amassing numerous wins and accolades in various racing series. With his down-to-earth personality and relentless determination, he’s become a fan favorite and an icon in the racing world. Today, we will explore Ken Schrader’s early life, racing career, and net worth, offering a glimpse into the life of this extraordinary racer.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Date of Birth: May 29, 1955
Place of Birth: Fenton, Missouri
Gender: Male
Profession: Race Car Driver, Athlete

Ken Schrader Early Life

Ken Schrader was born in Fenton, Missouri, to parents Bill and Doris Schrader. He developed a passion for racing at a young age, as his father owned a local racetrack, Pevely Speedway. Growing up around racing, Schrader quickly became enamored with the sport and began racing go-karts at the tender age of 12.

By the time he was 16, Schrader was already racing on dirt tracks, starting his career in modified stock cars. His immense talent and love for racing became evident as he continued to progress, winning championships and earning the respect of his fellow racers.

Ken Schrader’s passion for racing remained undeterred even as he attended college, pursuing a degree in business administration at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. During this time, he continued to compete in local racing events, honing his skills and making a name for himself in the racing community.

Ken Schrader Personal Life

Despite his fame and success, Ken Schrader has always remained down-to-earth and approachable, qualities that have endeared him to his fans. He married his wife, Ann Schrader, in 1983, and the couple has two children together, a daughter Dorothy and a son Sheldon. The Schrader family has always been involved in racing, with Ann often managing the business side of Ken’s racing ventures and both of their children have spent time behind the wheel in various racing series.

Ken’s personal life is also marked by his philanthropic efforts. Over the years, he has been involved in numerous charity events and has helped raise millions of dollars for various causes, including the Victory Junction Gang Camp, a camp for children with serious illnesses founded by fellow NASCAR driver Kyle Petty.

Ken Schrader Racing Career

Schrader’s big break came in 1981 when he made his debut in the ARCA Racing Series. He quickly made an impression on the racing world, winning the 1983 ARCA Championship. Schrader’s success in ARCA earned him a spot in the NASCAR Cup Series, where he would compete for over 30 years.

His NASCAR career began in 1984, and it didn’t take long for Schrader to find success. In 1988, he won the prestigious Daytona 500 Pole, an impressive feat for any driver. Over the years, Schrader won a total of four Cup Series races, 23 top-five finishes, and 64 top-ten finishes. He also earned the title of NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1985.

In addition to his success in NASCAR, Schrader has competed in various other racing series, including the NASCAR Truck Series, USAC Silver Crown, and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars. His love for racing has never waned, and even now, he continues to race in dirt track events across the country, giving back to the grassroots racing community that nurtured his passion for the sport.

Ken Schrader Career Highlights

Ken Schrader’s illustrious career has seen many highlights and memorable moments. Some of the most notable achievements in his career include:

  1. NASCAR Rookie of the Year (1985) – Schrader’s impressive debut season in the NASCAR Cup Series earned him this prestigious title.
  2. Daytona 500 Pole Winner (1988) – Schrader won the pole position for the iconic Daytona 500 race, solidifying his status as a top driver in the series.
  3. Four NASCAR Cup Series Wins – Schrader has four Cup Series victories under his belt, showcasing his skill and consistency in the sport’s highest level of competition.
  4. Versatility – Schrader’s career has seen him compete in a wide range of racing series, including the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Truck Series, ARCA Racing Series, USAC Silver
  5. Crown, and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars – His ability to excel in various disciplines speaks volumes about his talent and adaptability as a racer.
  6. Team Ownership – Ken Schrader Racing has provided opportunities for up-and-coming drivers to showcase their skills in the ARCA Racing Series and other racing series, highlighting Schrader’s dedication to fostering the next generation of racers.

Ken Schrader Net Worth

Ken Schrader’s racing career has been nothing short of impressive. With a career spanning over four decades, Schrader has amassed a considerable fortune through race winnings, endorsements, and team ownership. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is around $25 million.

Schrader’s net worth can be attributed to not only his success on the track but also his savvy business acumen. He has owned and operated multiple racing teams throughout the years, including Ken Schrader Racing, which competes in the ARCA Racing Series and various other racing series. Schrader’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond racing, as he is also a co-owner of I-55 Raceway, a dirt track in Pevely, Missouri.

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