Susan Sarandon Net Worth and Bio

From her mesmerizing on-screen presence to her unwavering commitment to social activism, Susan Sarandon has captured the hearts of millions around the world. With an acting career spanning over five decades, Sarandon has become an iconic figure in Hollywood, earning numerous accolades for her roles and her passion for social justice. Now, we’ll dive into the fascinating life of Susan Sarandon, exploring her early life, career milestones, and current net worth.

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: October 4, 1946
Place of Birth: Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor, Voice Actor, Activist, Film Producer

Susan Sarandon Early Life

Born Susan Abigail Tomalin on October 4, 1946, in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, Susan Sarandon was the oldest of nine children in a Roman Catholic household. Her father, Phillip Leslie Tomalin, was an advertising executive and television producer, while her mother, Leonora Marie Criscione, was a homemaker. Growing up in a large family, Sarandon learned the value of hard work and perseverance from an early age.

Sarandon graduated from the Catholic University of America in 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama. Her acting career began when she accompanied her husband, Chris Sarandon, to an audition and was unexpectedly offered a role in the 1970 film “Joe.” Though her marriage to Chris Sarandon ended in 1979, Susan continued to use her married name as her professional name, and her acting career took off.

Susan Sarandon Personal Life

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Susan Sarandon has experienced an equally fascinating personal life. She was married to her college sweetheart, actor Chris Sarandon, from 1967 until their divorce in 1979. Although the couple did not have any children together, Susan retained her ex-husband’s surname as her professional name.

Following her divorce from Chris, Susan was romantically involved with a few notable figures in the entertainment industry. She began dating Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri in the early 1980s, and the couple had a daughter, actress Eva Amurri, in 1985.

In 1988, Susan entered a long-term relationship with actor Tim Robbins, whom she met while filming “Bull Durham.” Together, they had two sons, Jack Henry (born in 1989) and Miles Guthrie (born in 1992). The couple was together for more than two decades before announcing their separation in 2009. Despite never marrying, Sarandon and Robbins were regarded as one of Hollywood’s most enduring and respected couples during their time together.

Following her separation from Robbins, Sarandon was briefly linked to her business partner, Jonathan Bricklin, with whom she co-founded the ping-pong social club SPiN in 2009. The pair dated from 2010 until 2015, when they amicably ended their relationship.

Throughout her life, Susan Sarandon has been open about her personal experiences, including her struggles with depression and anxiety. She has been candid about the challenges of balancing motherhood and her acting career, often citing the importance of a strong support network in managing both aspects of her life.

Susan Sarandon Career

Susan Sarandon’s breakout role came in 1975 when she starred as Janet Weiss in the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” From there, she went on to appear in various film genres, showcasing her incredible range and talent. Some of her most notable films include “Thelma & Louise” (1991), “Lorenzo’s Oil” (1992), “The Client” (1994), and “Dead Man Walking” (1995).

Sarandon’s exceptional acting has earned her numerous accolades, including five Academy Award nominations. She took home the Oscar for Best Actress for her powerful portrayal of Sister Helen Prejean in “Dead Man Walking,” a film that also garnered her a Golden Globe Award. Throughout her career, she has also won a BAFTA Award, a SAG Award, and has been nominated for nine Golden Globe Awards.

Aside from her acting career, Susan Sarandon is also well-known for her activism. She has been a staunch advocate for various social, environmental, and political causes, including LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and anti-war efforts. Sarandon’s dedication to social justice has not only made her a prominent voice in Hollywood but also an inspiration to many around the world.

Susan Sarandon Net Worth

As of 2023, Susan Sarandon’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $60 million. This wealth is primarily attributed to her long and successful acting career, with earnings from film and television roles, as well as endorsements and other business ventures. Despite her considerable fortune, Sarandon remains grounded and continues to focus her energy on making a positive impact in the world through her activism and philanthropy

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